Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love my family!

The last few weeks have been a little difficult for my family. My grandma was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and has only been estimated to have about 6 more months with us. It was a surprise to all of us since it seemed to come out of nowhere. Grandma has always said that she has lived a wonderful life and is ready to go whenever God is ready for her. She is still thinking that way and I so admire her for that! We have been trying to spend as much time as a family with grandma, especially while the college kids are in town! Before Erica goes off to school she wants to see Grandma as much as possible so we decided to go over to their house for a bit for a short visit. I unfortunately forgot to bring the camera out while we were over there so I have no photos of the girls with their great grandma. I will definitely be taking more soon!

I have learned a lot about my family in the last few weeks also - how they face a difficult situation and how they react to others. How family becomes the most important thing in their world at the moment. How they help each other out and show their love. Any prayers you want to offer up for our family for strength and reminders that God's timing is perfect will always be appreciated!

But I didn't intend for this post to be sad or depressing, I really just want to share a special day with you that I had with a small part of my family! After saying 'later' to G&G, Erica and I took Elli to her favorite lunch spot (can you guess?) and then headed to Erica's friends' house to go swimming. I texted Melissa while we were at lunch and she reminded us that we should have invited Jace to come swimming Erica called and uncle Jim brought him up the hill from Duvall and we were off! 

The Fernandez family was so wonderful to allow us to come over and use their pool - my girls loved it! Catherine (Erica's friend) came swimming with us and I think she enjoyed playing with Elli in the water. Seeing Erica with my babies really makes my heart smile - seeing how much she loves them is so special! The day was also extra special to have Jace there - Elli adores him! He is the youngest of all the cousins and closet to Elli's age (that lives in the same state). Kyle and Melissa will be in town this week and next so it will be nice to spend time with them as well. Just wish we could all get together but Janae is out of the country still and others are in AK and AZ - they are sure missed!

 Some cuddle time with mom after swimming

 Madi trying to get off the chair

 Elli and Jace enjoying time together
 My little one is so happy!
 Gotta love the action shots!

That hair is out of control! She has more hair than some adults!