Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have an addiction. I have a problem.

If you didn't already know, I have a shopping problem. If I go shopping by myself I can analyze any purchase and convince myself I should buy it. I'm a lot better when I have a shopping buddy. So after getting our tax refund I thought to myself what a great idea it would be to go shopping. I spent far too much at Carter's one Friday. But now the girls should be set for spring! (I have to tell myself that every time I see something cute!)

The problem is that I didn't stop with my large Carter's purchase. My problem is Zulily. So I've always known of Zulily and have purchased a few items over the last year. I never really look because I know there is nothing I absolutely need to spend money on. Well then last month I get an email that Zulily will have TOMS! Uh oh....I had Ray bring me the iPad at 6:30a as he was leaving for work, the sale started at 6a. I had a pair for me and a pair for Madi in my cart. By the time I hit checkout, my shoes were gone! Oh well, I found Madi a cute pair I normally wouldn't buy at full price.

Well I've never purchased a lot so then I see I get free shipping the rest of the day. Thanks Zulily for giving me an excuse to shop more! I bought some Plum baby food for Madi.

Then it became habit to open my Zulily app every morning to see what was new. I truly was searching for a suit for Elli, but got distracted by all the other great stuff! It's a good thing I use to ignore Zulily because this is dangerous! Stuff that I already wanted but discounted! During these shopping spree the local radio station had their annual radio-a-thon for Seattle Children's. I was looking at photos of the two days of fundraising and saw that many if the phone volunteers were Zulily employees and they made a large donation to the hospital! Anyone who donates to Children's s #1 in my book! Their donation helps Madi get the care she needs.

I'm happy to say I did find a bikini for Elli! What do you think of it?

And all the other fun stuff I ordered!

Extra straws for all my cups, love they have stoppers so they don't get pulled out.
Because I've been eyeing one of these since I saw aunt Tammie's on New Year's Day!
Of course I needed a cake pan that helps me make a checkerboard!
Who doesn't need 50 cute paper straws for upcoming parties?
And a memory foam bath may is much better than our piece of cotton we have now on our bathroom floor!

So you can see I have loved Zulily the last few weeks, then they make me love them more! I got Madi's TOMS in the mail and was so disappointed when I opened them. Although they are still super cute they weren't the ones I ordered. Instead of the black and white with pink soles they are blue with multi-colored dots. I decided to send an email to let them know I received the wrong item. Not only did they refund the entire purchase, they told me to keep the shoes AND gave me a $10 credit! What an awesome company who is obviously focused on making their customers happy!

We also booked our Vegas trip during this so i wasn't surprised when the bank called to confirm the activity on our account! After all this Disney Princess showed up yes I bought more! We will be saving that stuff for Elli's birthday though. My only goal now is to find a suit for myself before Vegas! Thanks for listening to an addict and her shopping problem. Now go shop Zulily!

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