Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family Update

Oh my it has been awhile since I have posted! Here is a quick run down of the last few weeks!

  • We just spent a week in Billings to see my very best friend and her family. She had our newest godson, Eli Jacob on July 10th so we went to get some baby cuddles! It was wonderful getting to spend time with those boys! Madi enjoyed checking Eli out! Elli and Isaac loved playing all day every day but that also led to some fits and time outs. It is so fun to see all the little personalities they are developing. Elli definitely needs to learn how to play better with others...especially sharing. 

  • I wanted to start Elli in preschool this year but didn't realize most places have to pre-register like 6 months in advance! The church around the corner doesn't look full for their preschool so maybe we will see if we can still start. She is registered for Cubbies and will be starting that in a few weeks! Since she goes to Subday School with my dad she will be doing Cubbies with the same kids. At least she will have some interaction with other kids even if not in preschool!

  • Madi had her ear tube surgery a few weeks ago. It went so well and was so fast!! We barely sat down before they paged us! A few days after there was some dried blood in her ear and of course got anxious. She is just fine though, and so an I after the nurse told me it was normal. We can already tell she can hear better and Ray got her first laugh the other day! I wish I had been home to hear it but he was wonderful and recorded it for me!

Look at those knees!
  • The 2012 Buddy Walk in Seattle is on October 7th. I invited all of our friends and family to walk with us. I made these adorable sweatshirts for everyone that walks with us. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that nobody has ordered one yet! :( I have already gotten a donation though p, so nice! Thank you anonymous! :) 

  • I took the girls to the doctor this morning because Elli has been sick for a week and threw up this morning and with Madi's heart we can't let her get too sick. They just have a cold but Elli now has an ear infection. Ray has been sick and now I have a sore throat. Definitely not a fun week!

  • My grandma isn't doing well. She has declined really quickly, way faster than we expected. Please keep my family in your prayers to have strength and peace in this difficult time. We are all very happy I decided to take all of these photos just a few weeks ago! I just wish the Blankenbeckler one had turned out better!

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