Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I need to do this more often!

I'm so bad at this! Why did I start a new blog with the plan to post all the time? I either get too busy, or want to cuddle Madi or Elli or just have nothing of interest to say. I think blogging should be an upbeat thing so I don't want to talk about work since a lot of days aren't happy. And right now my family is sad. We are about to lose my grandma and no matter how many times we tell ourselves and each other how happy she will be in Heaven, we are still sad to be losing her here. I have been wanting to write about Madi (and down syndrome) and our thoughts and emotions and daily concerns with her but I'm still trying to organize my thoughts into something I can put in words. 

Right now my focus is on my mom and family, on finding a white dresser for the girls, on having an amazing time with our friends and family at the Puget Sound Buddy Walk this Sunday and living/loving/enjoying all life has to offer us right now!

Side note: Look at this creepy 'rug' someone put in the lobby of our building! 

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