Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, although I did some dressing up in my early twenties with my besties! I've always enjoyed the trick or treat aspect and the beautiful fall weather we usually have, I just hate the darkness of this holiday. But while we have little ones I will enjoy the fun of trick or treating!

About a week before Halloween we went to Rhonda's house to carve pumpkins and celebrate Halloween with her, Randy and Shawna. Elli had fun carving pumpkins, decorating cupcakes and goofing off with uncle!

This year Elli wanted to be Cinderella which is great since we already had almost everything for her costume! Great choice Elli! She loved getting to put makeup on and wearing her crown.

I recently pulled out all the 9 month clothes from Elli for Madi to start wearing and we found Elli's first Halloween costume! Here is Elli at 3.5 months and Madi at 10.5 months old in the same pumpkin costume. So fun for them to share that first! And the pumpkin was a perfect addition to Cinderella!

Before dropping off Elli at Cubbies we decided to get Red Robin so I didn't have to cook. Unfortunately we had the worst service ever! After dropping Elli off at church Ray and I took out pumpkin to Target and she got to sit up in the cart for the first time! So much fun.

After Cubbies they had a little festival for the kids with games, face painting and hay rides. Elli had a blast and got lots of little prizes.

We thought we would be home too late to trick or treat in our neighborhood so we decided to stop at my parents neighborhood on the way home. They don't get trick or treaters up there so the few houses we stopped at Elli got a ton of candy! She loved looking at the moon while walkng around. It was a nice night together as a family!

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