Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Madi's Monkeys 2012

Sunday the 7th we participated in the Puget Sound Buddy Walk. Our team was Madi's Monkeys and we had a wonderful turn out! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and 70! Since the walk is in October I planned for cold weather and designed team sweatshirts. I guess I needed to remind myself how unpredictable our weather is here.  Next year will be 3/4 sleeve t-shirts!

We had a team page to raise money for the Buddy Walk and the Down Syndrome community and we were so blessed! I was amazed at the support we got for our first year! My mother in law alone brought in $150 from her co-workers, friends and customers! My original goal of $250 was more than tripled! $850 will bless so many in this community! After seeing what we can accomplish in our first year supporting/attending the Buddy Walk my goal is to double that $850 next year!

I think I was a little overwhelmed at the actual event and didn't participate as much as I should have. I'm always worried about others enjoying themselves that I forget to take time for myself. We had a large group walk with us and we are so thankful for all of their love and support. It made my heart smile so big to see everyone there for our girl! I made a point to get a photo of Madi with everyone that came to walk in our team to one day show Madi how much she love she has surrounding her since she was born! (Some of you may notice that my side of our family other than Ryan, Tara and Jesse are absent but I know they would've been there if they could have, but many of them spent the day with my Grandma, and that was right where they needed to be.)

I was truly amazed out how many people were there to help show awareness of Down Syndrome. To hear others stories and to be reminded that we are not alone in our daily struggles was inspiring. It is wonderful to see how the view of DS is changing in our world. I am thankful that our daughter was born at this time when she is loved just for being her. She is a quiet, happy, cuddle-bug, mama's girl. I hope that the society we live in will continue to embrace her and not use her DS as a way to describe her but see DS as the little extra piece God gave her to make her extra special.

Here are the photos of everyone that came (I somehow missed Juli from Ray's work though - sorry!) There are more photos online here if you want to see the rest. :)

 Madi and Grandpa
 Madi and auntie Donna
 Madi and Joan
 Madi and uncle Randy
 Madi and Maka
 Madi and uncle Rick
 Madi and uncle Tom
 Madi and Skyler
 Madi and Jake
 Madi and Shelly
 Madi and auntie Shawna
 Madi and Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Mickey 
 Madi and Mona
 Madi and aunt Rocky
 Madi, Danielle and Ryan
 Madi and most of the Dowrey family
 The Isoms
 Madi, Tara, uncle Ryan and Jesse

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