Tuesday, July 24, 2012


What do you see when you look at this photo? I see hope that our community will grow, I see an idea finally being put into reality! I see value and community. I see myself taking my girl to a new movie every week. (This will be a theater.)

When we bought this little condo 4 years ago we were told of all the building plans and growth of this area. Then the economy crashed....we have been waiting and waiting for new stores. We have been told of 4 different grocery stores that were supposed to be up here yet never got the financing to start. It has been so frustrating to see all the empty land surrounding us, as it hasn't been pretty to look at, simply looks like land waiting to be developed! The movie theater, hotel and grocery store/gas station have now all been approved to start building from the city of Issaquah! I will enjoy watching this land become buildings and I will enjoy watching Elli get excited to watch the 'big truck' move around. 

I am excited to be able to walk to a store to get that last minute item we forgot earlier, to go across the street to watch a movie with my girl. To go get gas without having to go on a special trip to do so since there isn't one on our way home. But mostly I am excited for how this development will make my home value increase!

We are in the same predicament most newer home owners are....we owe way more on our home than it is currently worth. We have already seen a small increase in the value since the hospital opened, I'm anxious to see what everything else will bring. Having the convenience of everything right here will give us such a great increase in the value - something that we planned on when buying this place and has been delayed 4 years! I look forward to updating some items in this home, selling it to get a profit (that may be wishing still) and buying a home that will fit the four of us and everything that goes with the girls!

So although the people on the other side of the building probably hate hearing this noise all day and while some people are frustrated with any driving delays, I am not. Every time I drive by this lot I smile and know that the future looks bright!

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