Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

This is my 2nd time typing this post - I somehow lost the first one! :( 

I was feeling nostalgic this year and decided I wanted to go to the Carnation parade. It had been probably 20 years since I had been - and unbelievably Ray had never been even with growing up in Duvall! The weather turned out perfect! :) Before the parade started I of course had to join the rest of the town at Starbucks for my iced soy caramel macchiato. I got a cake pop for Elli and Shawna got a frapp sample for her - what a spoiled girl!
Enjoying her Java Chip Frapp!
The Isom girls waiting for the parade to start!
Once the Kiddie parade started Elli was so excited about all of the candy she was getting! She filled the Starbucks pastry bag! It was so fun to see all the little ones dressed up to celebrate our country! I think next year we will definitely have the girls in it! The parade was definitely small town but it was still so fun to do something with my girls that I remember doing as a young girl. 
Picking up all her candy!

The start of the parade
Honoring our flag
Elli's favorite part was of course the marching band from Cedarcrest - lead by the same teacher from 14 years ago! I loved the Camp Korey float - they did such a great job showcasing what they are all about. It was extra special to me because my cousin is a counselor/nurse there every summer. Madi may also get the chance to go there when she is older because of the heart conditions she has! While Madi was awake she was happy going from lap to lap and watching all the RED things go by. She wouldn't take her eyes off anything red! :) She then ate a nice big bottle and passed out in my arms - my little cuddle bug. 
'Clap Auntie!'
This staffer was driving me crazy! She was power tripping and blocking our view!! But I do love the little John Deere!!
Camp Korey float - they won best float!
The absolutely best part of the entire day though was when one of the political parties walked by. There was a man with DS in the group and he did a double take when he walked by us. He then stopped, turned around and pointed directly at Madi (who wasn't even facing him) and said 'That is a beautiful baby.' It was almost like he knew she shared something special. He made me feel hope and pride for our little girl. It was another reminder that Madi is still our beautiful little one - and that her DS just makes her extra special. I will never forget that man and how he made my heart burst with love!
My beautiful and special monkey!
After the parade we spent the day at Ray's mom's house with Shawna. Randy had to work - people need their meat to BBQ though! I had to get some last minute ingredients for the desserts so I ran over to Family Grocer - I do not remember the store seeming so teeny when I lived out there! I was in charge of making homemade ice cream and of course I found the most difficult recipe in the book that came with the maker. I got this old-fashioned crank style ice cream maker a few years ago and this was our first time using it! I had to cook all the ingredients together before chilling it and mixing it. That only took about an hour of the day...
Madi enjoying her fish face and excer-saucer
Making ice cream
After finishing the mixture Rhonda, Shawna and I walked over to the new consignment shop behind Family Grocer, Twice Blessed. This store was so cute, clean and the owner was so friendly! I usually just go to the consignment in Issaquah but lately they have been taking way too many items that is making their shop look cluttered and messy and they haven't been taking the best quality items either. I went a little crazy shopping and spent $70 (!!!) but I did buy a purple Bumbo for Madi, clothes for both girls, a few things for Baby Eli (due any time now) and a puzzle for Elli. All of the items were in great condition and very reasonably priced. I was so happy with the store! The owner was there and she was so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend her shop to all my friends! (Sorry I didn't get any photos of my finds - they are now in the laundry.)

After my little shopping spree we went back home, I made blackberry margaritas and we watched Elli swim until Randy got home. Madi spent her afternoon sleeping - I think all the sun wore her out! Before dinner we all took turns cranking the ice cream. We all got worn out before it was done though - thank goodness for the electric crank! Our dinner just screamed 'All American' to me! Chili dogs - pasta salad - fresh fruit - Classic Lay's. Everything was so good! 
Elli had her first try with fireworks this year and she loved most of them. She did a few popping things and sparklers with Daddy and loved watching uncle Randy light everything off. Her favorites were the one Randy got that had a parachute come out. She loved running to get the parachute after it fell to the ground. Madi woke up to watch a few fireworks but she didn't really have any reaction to them. She watched them but wasn't scared or smiling - just watching peacefully. :) I tried to get a photo with the flag and fireworks in the background but since the camera was dead I was using the iPad and it didn't work very well. 

Going to get her parachute with auntie
And of course the dessert - the best part of the day! Again we had classics! Our yummy homemade vanilla ice cream - Costco apple pie - S'mores trifle. All of the work for the ice cream was definitely worth it - oh my goodness it was delicious - and you can't beat it was Costco apple pie! To me summer - especially the 4th of July screams S'mores to me. We usually spend the 4th in Moses Lake with my family and we always do S'mores around the fire pit at night and I didn't want to miss out on my favorite dessert! I got the S'mores trifle idea here and decided to make my own. It definitely doesn't look as pretty but it sure did taste yummy! If I made it again I would do a few things differently. I put brownies, mini marshmallows, graham cracker, chocolate pudding, marshmallow creme (that didn't work too well so used more marshmallows) and topped with graham cracker and a dollop of cool whip. I think if I had a creme brulee torch I would toast the marshmallows a little to give them that melted/roasted flavor. 

Towards the end of the night I was putting something in the fridge and when I opened the door it hit my big toe and broke off a huge chunk of my toenail! My much  needed pedicure will have to wait now because my toe is extra sensitive. I'm still amazed that it didn't start bleeding! All in all it was an absolutely wonderful day spent as a family. We don't get very many days together anymore due to mine and Ray's days off so we try to make each one special. I know we made some lasting memories for us and our girls. 

Guess where uncle just got kicked?

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