Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No More Baby!

Our little girl is no longer a baby! She turned 3 on the 15th! I had been planning her party for weeks and getting so many fun princess ideas from Pinterest. I had the great plan to make these sandwiches. I realized a few days before the party, after buying the bread, that this was a little too much than I could handle for this party and for the amount of people that were planning to be there. I also practiced making a cake with fondant to see how hard it was. This is my practice cake with me playing with the frosting tips. 
 I was hoping I could make a cake like this, but realized that too was me dreaming. I then saw this cake pan and thought it would be much easier...I was wrong!

I of course planned her party at a park because what are the odds that it rain 2 years in a row in the middle of July? Apparently....100%. It had been so nice the last few weeks and then we wake up Sunday to a chance of storms! I'm glad I had a back-up plan of going to my work and using the cabana, it ended up being perfect there! 

I told Ray I wanted to start a tradition and go to breakfast at the 12th Ave Cafe every year for her birthday. That was what we ate in the early morning the day Elli was born so I think it is only fitting to make it her special place every year. We got up and made it to breakfast around 8:15. I had the western omelet with avocado instead of green peppers and pancakes....yummmmm. Ray got the Montana - their house potatoes with all sorts of yummy add ins like ham, onion, peppers, cheese, tomatoes and topped with sour cream and green onion. Elli had an egg and a pancake. She was so polite and well behaved (maybe because we let her play the iPad while waiting). Madi was happy to be in her seat and stare at the fan. 

We had a few things to get at Costco so we drove over there after breakfast but saw they didn't open until 10. We decided to drive around a bit before coming back. Well apparently everyone else waits in the parking lot for it to open as when we came back a few minutes after 10 it was already packed! We told Elli the 4 things we needed in the car and told her she needed to remember. I was very impressed with her while going through Costco that she rembered everything. When we got to the sandwiches she even picked the ones she wanted to get, and we didn't complain. :) 

Our plan was to go home and let her open her little gifts from us but time ran away from me! The cake took way longer to decorate than I thought and I still had to make the cabbage salad! I was then not leaving the house until 1:15 and the party started at 2 and I still had balloons to pick up. I was running! Thank goodness Ray was keeping the girls and driving the separately. 

When I got to the complex I unloaded the car and started doing everything I could as fas as I could....except people started showing up. The two mishaps were that the glass bowl I had started the cabbage salad in shattered when I was holding it...it was the weirdest thing ever! Then the nice glass drink dispenser ($14 from Ross so how nice really?) had a huge crack in it that I hadn't seen so juice started leaking everywhere. I'm so glad Rhonda and Shawna found a solution and didn't tell me until after so I didn't have to think. My family that was there early on time we're a huge help! Aunt Tammie cleaned up all the cabbage and broken glass with a broom and then vacuumed. Everyone else helped move chairs round and Karlin helped me hang the banner. I love how willing everyone was to help! I'm not sure how many people pitched in but I think I saw all of Ray's family helping put the special labels on the water bottles at one point. I ordered these from this Etsy shop and got them printed at FedEx to help make her day a little more special.

The food table looked empty without the cabbage salad but Olga stopped and got more cabbage for me but most people were done eating by then. The cake looked better than it tasted but now I know how much work those are! I will just stick to cheesecake from now on. I think everyone enjoyed everything but there were so many sandwiches left! I have been snacking on one while typing this. :) 
The cake that was more difficult than I imagined. 

Elli had been talking all week on how she was getting 5 presents for her birthday - I guarantee she had way more than 5! Our girl sure is loved! I know she is loving everything! We bought her a bike this year and so Rhonda got her a helmet and I had her open that first to see what she would say about a helmet with no bike. When Ray rolled the bike in she almost didn't see it! When she did, she was so excited! She had a huge smile and was ready to climb on and get her helmet on. She then rode it in circles around the cabana! My goal for the day was to get photos of Elli with everyone there - I didn't do that last year and have regretted it! It was so wonderful to have so many friends and family there! :) 

 Kristina is from Russia and my parents were her host family I think 4 or 5 summers ago and was here with another family this summer but is able to spend a little time with my parents. :) 

 Uncle Ryan and Uncle David
 This will be framed!

We sure love our girl!
 Rich girl!

 Grandma Rhonda (or we are trying to have her call her Maka)

 They all adore each other! I love how much love auntie and uncle have for our girls!
Joan and Grandpa 

After all the clean up and finally getting home Ray and I were exhausted - but not the birthday girl! She was still ready to open more presents! :) We had a few more little things for her and enjoyed having a little family time together. I can't believe that our baby is 3! Pretty soon we will be sending her off to Kindergarten! She is such a happy, thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, loving girl and we are so blessed to call her ours!

Last present of the night all the way from MT and the Lebel family! Very fitting for Auntie Jess to get her hair tools!

Here is a photo of our Belle when she was a newbie!

And a video of her playing her new guitar from uncle Randy and auntie Shawna!

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