Monday, October 15, 2012

Grandma Williams

The world lost a wonderful woman on October 8th. My loving, sweet, God loving and beautiful grandma passed away in the morning of October 8th. She fought a strong and short battle with pancreatic cancer. My grandma was such a loving woman and such an amazing mother. She raised 5 kids in a tiny 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home in Ketchikan AK and raised them to be wonderful children of God! She was blessed with 15 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren and we all share such amazing memories of going to Grandma's house. I am so happy that my girls got to spend so much time with their great Grandmother. I hope that Elli always remembers her and how much Great Grandma loved her. I will always cherish the photos I have of her with the girls.

We first found out about Grandma's cancer this summer and were told she had anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Our family then made the choice to spend as much time together as possible. I love my family and spending time with them makes me truly happy, and those are memories I will have forever. Our family has many birthdays in August but my mom and Grandma shared a birthday on August 19th. Our family got together then to celebrate and I insisted we have a small photo shoot while we were all together. I did get a few whines during the process but I know that everyone is so happy that they have those photos now. My Grandma's health started deteriorating very quickly after that. Each time the girls and I went to visit it became more and more difficult to see her like that. We all spent the evening of the 6th together at Grandma & Grandpa's house and I was so happy when I said goodbye to Grandma and she recognized me and told me she loved me. (crying now)

The hardest part of the last few days of her life was that my Grandpa broke a vertebrae in his back by helping move Grandma in bed. He was then in the hospital a few days and then had to go to rehab for a few weeks. He did get to come by the house before going to rehab to say goodbye to Grandma which was the sweetest and saddest thing ever. They were best friends and the loves of each other's life. Watching slides as a family it was so fun to hear Grandpa say how beautiful his wife was and still is. :)

The funeral service was on Sat the 13th and my family did a great job putting everything together. My mom's friends were so generous by setting up a cookie reception for after and my aunt Karen's friends put on a lovely dinner for the family after. It was so nice to see so many old friends and family of Grandma at the service. Elli sure made everyone smile also while in the middle of the service went from lap to lap in the family and whispered yelled 'why did they close the lid on Grandma?' It was such a bittersweet day knowing she was no longer here with us but knowing she was healthy and rejoicing in Heaven.

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  1. So sweet. What wonderful pictures and memories!! I hope your grandfather is doing better!


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